Transactional Analysis (TA)

Transactional Analysis (TA) was developed by Dr Eric Berne in the 1960’s.  It is a theory of personality, communication, and child development that can provide a model to help people to understand how they communicate, interact and develop patterns of behaviour and relationships.  It can help you become aware of how you are interacting and and may offer you an understanding of a wide range of professional and personal situations.
The philosophy of TA is
  • People are OK (even when behaviour is not OK sometimes).  
  • Everyone has the capacity to think.
  • People can make changes, they can decide their own destiny, and these decisions can be changed.  
This would be reflected by us working together, taking equal responsibility for achieving your agreed goals.  Open communication is also important for me in all aspects of your counselling process.
The aim of my work is to support you to acheive personal growth and change.
TA offers a wide range of psychological theories or models which I will be happy to share with you working together.  You may already know that TA offers a Theory of Personality based on the concept of the Ego States - popularly referred to as 'Parent' 'Adult' and 'Child'.  Or you may already know about the concept of Life Script that we might us to describe how present patterns and 'ways of being ' in the world have been chosen.

These are the many tools, strategies and techniques that come from TA.  We can work with them as you choose to suit you in a semi- structured, expereiantial and creative ways.  TA offers us a language that we can use on many levels from offering you simple pointers to a complex analysis of the changes you want, or are already making in your life.