Here is what some more of my clients have said about their counselling:

From my first session with Anthony I knew that he was going to be able to help me. I was seeking a counsellor as I had reached a point in my life where I felt completely lost.  I was behaving in a manner that was damaging to myself and those around me and I had no real understanding of why.  I worked with Anthony for 18 months. Not only did I learn a huge amount about myself but also I made significant changes in my life that mean that I am confident that I will not repeat the mistakes I made previously. Throughout the 18 months we progressed at a pace that was absolutely right for me and we always had a clear direction of travel.  Our work was supported by using a number of models that really helped me pull together all of the different factors that were influencing my behaviour. I have a huge amount of trust in Anthony and would highly recommend him to others. B