Anxiety & Depression 

I have a strong interest and commitment in counselling clients with anxiety and depression.

Here is what some of my clients have said about my counselling and psychotherapy:

"Before counselling I was at a low point in my life, extremely anxious, carrying negative self beliefs and behaviours. Anthony was focused and listened to my fears from the very start.  We discussed how we would work together to achieve a positive outcome. Transactional analysis was especially useful for me, aiding my awareness of why I was thinking and acting in such a negative way and how it had become a habit.  The theories and models helped me to understand how I could better behave and simple tools enabled me to process, not just my own but other people's behaviours and attitudes and deal with challenging situations with ease.  At the end of 8 months, I am now in a positive place, having solid evidence in place to compare where I was before counselling to where I am now.  I would not hesitate in recommending Anthony to others".  D

"I'd suffered terrible anxiety for at least two years before seeking help from Anthony.  I had left it so long to get help because I didn't see how talking endlessly about it was going to help much.  I wanted someone to talk back and give feedback rather than just listen to me moan.  Anthony was great, and helped me realize what I was doing right when facing challenges.  I had some difficult boundary issues to resolve.  Being supported with these gave me the confidence to risk doing what I needed to do. Courage is a much better place to be than fear, so the anxiety fairly quickly began to reduce.   I reluctantly decided for myself to seek medication from my G.P. too.  It was not until I finally felt some recovery setting in that I knew how unwell I had been.  I know what to do if I have any problems like that again.  I consider Anthony to be a rising star in his profession and would highly recommend him".  R

3 Steps to Beat Your Anxiety

I am currently developing a 3 Steps to Beat Your Anxiety program. This is a step-by-step program to take you from understanding your anxiety to practicing your own strategies to finally overcoming it.  There will be a range of educational and therapeutic activites and techniques for you to choose from throguhtout that program as you recognise, understand and finally beat your anxiety.

I hope to provide more Blogs which provide you with samples of my models, exercises and activities drawn from my counselling practice which are relevant to your needs and lifesytle, which in turn support you in overcoming your anxiety  - see The Spotlight Exercise as an example.    .    
For more information contact me directly on or 07446612357.