Couple Counselling

Do you want to transform your couple relationship and obtain what you most want - to love and to be loved?  
My ways of working with couples are tailored specifically for each individual’s unique experiences within their relationship, to offer a simple and effective way for you both to recognize the particular ways of relating that you each want from one another.   As such, I provide you with a sense of a clear direction and structure as your couple therapy unfolds giving you both confidence and hope.
The mixture of creative, experiential and goal-orientated activities enable you both to share and agree what it is you both want within your relationship, to get to a greater degree of nourishment, awareness and intimacy.
From choosing and agreeing strategies to practice new ways of relating you may both become motivated to continue to practice and learn by the changes in your relationship. 
3 Steps to a Loving Relationship - Emerge from Conflict 
Join our next 3 Steps to a Loving Relationship Workshop - Emerge from Conflict  

Saturday 15th July, 2017 10 - 1 pm at Leeds City Centre

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Emerge from Conflict is the first of a package of three workshops that offer you a step by step program from recognizing and understanding your conflict, through agreeing ways to resolve the conflict to finally reaping the rewards of a loving relationship.

I consider this workshop as the fundamental building block upon which a loving relationship can flourish.

Based on a new model developed by Anthony Woods our ways of working offers you a clear direction and structure giving you confidence and hope for your future.

These workshops are informed by the common sense notion that we have a fundamental need for physical and psychological affection. They combine my training in Transactional Analysis with the latest research and insights from two of the top international couples institutes.
These workshops can empower you to begin to choose ways of relating as a means to gain a greater degree of understanding, nourishment and intimacy in your relationship.
While these workshops are not meant to replace couple counselling, they can expose you both to strategies to develop a rewarding relationship, leaving you with the option of taking up couple therapy with me.

Throughout 2017, I will produce Blogs which provide you with samples of my models, exercises and activities drawn from the extensive amount of material I created for this program.